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The Future of Public Health, Biostatistics, and Artificial Intelligence

A Guide to Career Pathways with a Biocomputational Engineering Degree

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About the Biocomputational Engineering Career Guide

This digital resource showcases the career opportunities in the booming biotech industry as well as the biocomputational engineering degree that empowers and equips individuals to make an impact in biotech. Find out how UMD’s bachelor’s program in Biocomputational Engineering could give you the skills and experience you need across a range of disciplines to be able to tackle today’s biggest challenges in health care.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted the pressing need for biotechnology researchers, who are collaborating and racing to develop vaccines at a rapid pace worldwide. This latest life-threatening new infectious disease and its uncontained spread has illustrated the far-reaching influence of scientists and engineers who are committed to biotechnology and wielding its power for the common good. Incidentally, the demand for skilled and qualified individuals in the biotech field has soared.

What you'll find in the eBook:

  • Information about how the program curriculum fuses a variety of disciplines to equip changemakers

  • Career pathways and descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of various job positions in the biotech sector

  • Answers to FAQs about admissions requirements and transfer pathways

  • Insights about industry trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and bioinformatics

  • Details about the state-of-the-art Biomedical Sciences and Engineering (BSE) education facility at the Universities at Shady Grove

We also explore the following topics:

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What is Biocomputational Engineering?

Interested in life science technology? Love to solve problems? Intrigued by biological sciences and bioengineering? Find out how UMD's undergraduate degree in Biocomputational Engineering combines all of these skills and disciplines.

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How do you get a job in the biotech industry?

Biotech companies have a high demand for biology-minded individuals who excel in programming and data sciences. The DC, Maryland and Virginia metropolitan area is a hub for biotech research — discover how you can break into the field.

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How do I transfer into UMD's Biocomp. Eng. program?

This program is geared toward transfer students from community colleges or four-year institutions. Explore the list of gateway courses and admissions requirements.

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